841.796/2–1046: Telegram

The Chairman of the United States Delegation ( Baker ) to the Secretary of State


For Clayton. Following is language of proposed new Section V of annex dealing with change of gauge: [Page 1479]

  • “(a) Where the onward carriage of traffic by an aircraft of different size from the [that?] employed on the earlier stage of the same route (hereinafter referred to as ‘change of gauge’) is justified by reason of economy of operation, such change of gauge at a point in the territory of the UK or the territory of the US, shall not be made in violation of the principles set forth in the final act of the Conference on Civil Aviation held at Bermuda from January 15 to February 1946, and, in particular, shall be subject to there being an adequate volume of through traffic.
  • (b) Where change of gauge is made at a point in the territory of the United Kingdom or in the territory of the United States, the small aircraft will operate only in connection with the larger aircraft arriving at the point of change, so as to provide a connection service which will thus normally wait on the arrival of the larger aircraft, for the primary purpose of carrying onward those passengers who have travelled to UK or US territory in the larger aircraft to their ultimate destination in the smaller aircraft. Where there are vacancies in the smaller aircraft such vacancies may be filled with passengers from UK or US territory respectively. It is understood, however, that the capacity of the smaller aircraft shall be determined with primary reference to the traffic travelling in the larger aircraft normally requiring to be carried onward.
  • (c) It is agreed that the arrangements under any part of the preceding paragraphs (a) and (b) shall be governed by and in no way restrictive of the standards set forth in paragraph (6) of the final act.”

Above was agreed to by British and American delegations in lengthy meeting last night. It has not been approved by British Cabinet but has been transmitted to London and Self expects approval to be forthcoming promptly. You will be informed immediately approval is received from London and of any changes which may be made before signing. We are still hoping to sign tomorrow (Monday).