841.796/2–746: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the United States Delegation (Baker), at Hamilton

u.s. urgent

Further reference your tel recd Feb 7 on bases agreement. Makins, Brit Emb, was asked whether his Govt would approve initialling the Heads of Agreement if revised Article 8(A) were substituted, and if reference omitted to UK using its good offices with Canada and Newfoundland. Makins said he could not answer this in view of further instructions they had received from HMG referring to additional objections, mentioned in first pgh Deptel Feb 7. However, he will endeavor to obtain an answer not later than Feb 9, and if it is favorable Dept will try to get immediate JCS clearance.54

  1. In a telegram of February 9, 5 p.m., the Department informed the Delegation of Washington approval of certain revisions proposed in Articles III, VIII and XI of the Heads of Agreement which were considered to be relatively minor in importance. The Department continued: “Dept has asked JCS to give informal approval today [of the draft agreement as a whole] and you will be informed directly by military. Dept also asked Brit Emb to urge HMG approval Heads of Agreement on basis of suggested revisions to date, and Emb is doing this.” At the end of the same telegram the Department reported that “We have just been informed by telephone that the JCS have given informal approval to the draft agreement subject to certain understandings which are being communicated direct to General Kuter. They tell us these understandings should make no difficulty about initialing the agreement.” (841.796/2–946)