U. S. Delegation Files: Lot 53–D407: Folder “Delegation Documents”

Memorandum by the Chairman of the United States Delegation (Baker) to Major General Laurence S. Kuter, Adviser to the Delegation

At a meeting held in room 401 of the Belmont Manor Hotel on Thursday, February 7, 1946, Sir Henry Self, Chairman of the British Delegation to the U.S.–U.K. Civil Aviation Conference in Bermuda, quoted the following statement from a cable received by him from his superiors in London:

“You can give the Americans an oral undertaking to facilitate discussions with Canada and Newfoundland.”

Sir Henry then stated:

“This I now do.”

There were present at this meeting:

U.K. U.S.
Sir Henry Self Major General L. S. Kuter
Sir William P. Hildred Mr. Garrison Norton
Mr. Donald Maclean Mr. George P. Baker
Mr. W. J. Bigg
Mr. L. J. Dunnett

All those present heard the above statements and understood that they would form a part of the official American records.

George P. Baker