841.796/2–446: Telegram

The Chairman of the United States Delegation ( Baker ) to the Secretary of State

For Clayton from Baker, copy for Walstrom; copy for Hickerson. Last remaining questions of conference worked out today. Additions to final act, bilateral air transport agreement and annex thereto except for Article III in annex were teletyped to you this noon.36 Ill in annex is given at end of this message. You have already received and have approved II of annex, draft of air transport agreement and draft of final act of conference.37

General Kuter instructed Colonel Tate who returned to Washington Friday with final draft of bases agreement not to formally submit that draft to Joint Chiefs of Staff until advised from here that British were going to approve it although he was instructed to thoroughly brief advisers to Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is to avoid embarrassment of having JCS twice38 approve bases agreement only to have British ask more changes. I would appreciate your approval of final material in prior teletype of this date, of the material in this teletype and of the bases agreement—the latter subject of course to [Page 1469] receiving subsequent Joint Chiefs of Staff approval. I would hope all clearances could be obtained from London and Washington by Tuesday or Wednesday.39 Meanwhile full delegation will stand by here in case British Government should give only qualified approval. I belief Self is very hopeful that he will get full approval but the overall agreement would seem to be much harder for the British to swallow than for us. If London approval is given it will be over the strong protest of some government officials. You will know best whether to use your influence with Halifax.

[Here follows draft of Part III of the Annex, regarding route descriptions.]

  1. This refers apparently to the undated telegram printed supra.
  2. See footnote 17, p. 1459.
  3. The Joint Chiefs had already on January 25 approved the draft they then had in hand (U.S. Delegation Document USD–14); see footnote 16, p. 1458.
  4. That is, February 5 or 6.