International Transactions of the United States: July 1, 1945–December 31, 19461

[In Billions of Dollars]

[Page 1438]
I. Goods and services:
Goods supplied to foreign countries 17. 
Goods received from foreign countries 7.6
Excess of goods supplied over those received 9.4
Income on investments and services supplied to foreigners (net) 1.5
Credit balance on goods and services2 10.9
II. Financing the credit balance:
1. Contributions:
Lend-lease 1.1
Civilian supplies to occupied areas .6
Other government contributions (net) .4
Private donations (net) 1.1
2. Loans and Investments of United States funds:
Export-Import Bank3 1.1
Lend-lease credits 1.8
Surplus property credits .9
British loan4 .6
Other United States funds (net) .3
3. Use of foreign gold and dollar resources .9
4. Errors and Omissions .1
Total 10.9
  1. This table is based upon those to be found in the Second and Third Semiannual Reports to the Congress of the Export-Import Bank (covering the periods January to June, 1946 and July to December, 1946, respectively). These tables in turn were based on official estimates of the balance of payments of the United States prepared in the Department of Commerce.
  2. Contributions, loans, and the liquidation of foreign gold and dollar assets listed in Part II of the table, offset the $10.9 billion credit balance due the United States.
  3. This table shows Export Import disbursements, not credit (or loan) authorizations. For details and documentation concerning loans or commitments to foreign countries, and the general financial program of the United States during this same period, see pp. 1391 ff.
  4. For documentation regarding the loan to Great Britain see Foreign Relations, 1945, vol. vi, p. 1.
  5. A useful table showing the status of the Foreign credits provided by the United States by agency, by type of credit, and by country for the July 1, 1945–June 30, 1947 period, may be found in the National Advisory Council’s Report to the Senate Committee on Finance, Foreign Assets and Liabilities of the United States and Its Balance of International Transactions (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1948), pp. 17 ff.