Memorandum by the Deputy Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs ( Ross ) to the Counselor of the Department ( Cohen )27

The attached memorandum28 provides information on the slates supported by the U.S. Government for the Security Council, Economic and Social Council, International Court of Justice, Secretary General and the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Briefly these slates are as follows:

security council

First Election Second Election Third Election
Brazil (2 yrs) Peru
Canada (2 yrs) Australia
Netherlands (2 yrs) Belgium
Poland (1 yr) Czechoslovakia
Egypt (1 yr) Turkey
Mexico (1 yr) Colombia

economic and social council

Three Year Term Two Year Term One Year Term
China United Kingdom United States
France U. S. S. R. Colombia
Peru Cuba Chile
Denmark Ukraine Australia
Iraq Canada Czechoslovakia
Greece Belgium Turkey

international court of justice

U.S. Nominations

  • Green H. Hackworth — United States
  • Caracciolo Parra-Perez — Venezuela
  • Jules Basdevant — France
  • John Spiropoulos — Greece

secretary general (one of the following)

  • Henri Spaak — Belgium
  • J. H. Van Royen— Netherlands
  • L. B. Pearson — Canada
  • N. A. Robertson — Canada

president—general assembly (one of following)

  • Trygve Lie — Norway
  • Henri Spaak— Belgium
  1. Mr. Cohen, a Senior Adviser to the United States Delegation, was attached to the Secretary of State’s party which was in Washington until January 7.
  2. Not found attached.