Department of State National Advisory Council Files

Minutes of the Thirteenth Meeting of the National Advisory Council, Washington, February 21, 1946

Present: Secretary Fred M. Vinson (Chairman), Treasury Department
Mr. W. L. Clayton, State Department
Mr. Arthur Paul, Commerce Department
Mr. Marriner S. Eccles, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve Board
Mr. William McC. Martin, Jr., Export-Import Bank
Mr. Frank Coe (Secretary), Treasury Department

1. Statement of Foreign Loan Policy of the United States Government

There was further consideration of the proposed Statement (NAC Document No. 70).41 After discussion it was unanimously agreed to recommend that the capital and lending power of the Export-Import Bank should be increased by $1¼ billion. It was agreed that the document, as revised on this matter, should be submitted to the President for his consideration and approval.

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Action. The following action was taken:

The National Advisory Council approves the submission to the President, for his consideration and approval, of the Council’s “Statement of the Foreign Loan Policy of the United States Government” (NAC Document No. 70–A).42

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