Department of State National Advisory Council Files

Memorandum Prepared by the Staff Committee of the National Advisory Council for the Council


In connection with NAC Document No. 43,31 the National Advisory Council Staff Committee recommends consideration of the following as a preliminary list of the probable loan requirements for the Export-Import Bank to the end of fiscal 1946–47:

Belgium $ 100,000,000
Czechoslovakia 65,000,000
Denmark 30,000,000
Finland 65,000,000
France 750,000,000
Greece 50,000,000
Italy 100,000,000
Netherlands 250,000,000
Norway 50,000,000
Poland 50,000,000
U.S.S.R. 1,000,000,000
Yugoslavia 25,000,000
Middle East
Turkey 50,000,000
Saudi Arabia 25,000,000
Far East
China 500,000,000
Netherlands East Indies 100,000,000
Philippine Islands 50,000,000
Latin America
Other 200,000,000
Total $3,960,000,000

  1. NAC–43 not printed. It advanced the work begun in NAC–37, p. 1411, by taking the substance of the earlier draft and incorporating it into the form of a draft statement on the foreign lending policy of the United States.