Memorandum by the Commanding General, Manhattan Engineer District (Groves), to the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Subject: Invitation to Mr. Trygve Lie to Attend Operation Crossroads.

It is recommended that an invitation to attend operation Crossroads be extended promptly to Mr. Trygve Lie, Secretary-General of the United Nations. The commander, Joint Task Force One, has told me that the invitation to Mr. Lie must be approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
I have been informed by Mr. Baruch that Mr. Lie desires such an invitation, although he probably will not accept it, and further that issuance of such an invitation will be helpful to the negotiations which Mr. Baruch is about to enter upon in the Atomic Energy Commission.76
L. R. Groves
  1. The Joint Chiefs of Staff informed the Secretary of State, through the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee, on June 14 that they had no objection to an invitation being extended to the Secretary General. Mr. Lie was invited on June 20, but declined on June 24 due to commitments in New York and in Europe. (811.2423/6–1946, 6–2046, 501.BC Atomic/6–2646)