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Memorandum by the United States Members of the Combined Policy Committee 42

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Suggested Draft of Minute Re Allocation by U.S. Members

The subject of allocation of raw material was discussed.

Reference was made to Minute 6 of the 4 July 1945 meeting which provided that all uranium materials being received by the Combined Development Trust were to be allocated to the United States for such time as those materials would be required for the production of bombs for use against the common enemy and that insofar as the quantity of materials received by the Trust exceeds the quantity required for that [Page 1227] purpose, it should be held by the Trust to be disposed of or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the Agreement of 13 June 1944.

It was agreed that for the time being the principle of allocation should be based upon the current requirements of the member Governments for their respective programs.

It was agreed that:

All Trust materials which have actually been received and utilized as of March 31, 1946, by the respective Governments are hereby allocated to those Governments.
Subsequent to March 31, 1946, a quantity of 250 tons of contained U3O8 per month is to be allocated to the United States to fill stated plant requirements.
The remainder of the materials being received by the Trust will be held for allocation by the C.P.C. to the member Governments in accordance with requirements of their respective programs and upon application to the C.P.C.
All uranium materials recovered on the European continent by Allied Forces during the war are allocated to the United States.

  1. This document was considered at the Combined Policy Committee Meeting of April 15, the minutes of which are printed infra.