Department of State Atomic Energy Files47

The British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Bevin) to the Secretary of State

secret and personal

Dear James: The Prime Minister has asked me to let you know that he proposes making an announcement in the House of Commons next Tuesday, January 22nd, about the establishment in this country of an organisation for the production of fissile material required in connexion with the development of our programme for the use of atomic energy.48

The final text of the announcement is not yet available, but I will send a copy round to you as soon as possible. General Groves49 will also be notified in advance in Washington of the terms of Mr. Attlee’s statement.

I would be grateful if you would treat this information as personal until Mr. Attlee speaks on Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,

Ernest Bevin
  1. Lot 57D688, the consolidated lot file on atomic energy 1942–1962 located in the Department of State, including the records of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State on Atomic Energy and the records of the office of the United States Representative on the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission.
  2. For documentation on negotiations between the United States and the United Kingdom with respect to the continuation of cooperation in the development of atomic energy, see pp. 11971259, passim.
  3. Maj. Gen. Leslie R. Groves, Commanding General, Manhattan Engineer District, the United States atomic energy development program.