Files of the Secretary’s Staff Committee: Lot 110: Box 13143

Extract From Department of State “Radio Bulletin” of January 15, 194614

President’s Press Conference

Correspondent said there had been reports that delegation at London seems to be divided on the question of Japanese mandated islands, and asked what the Administration’s policy was regarding these islands. President declared that those we do not need will be placed under UNO trusteeship, and those we need we will keep. Asked how long we intended to keep these islands, Mr. Truman said as long as we needed them. Asked if they would be under individual trusteeship of this country, President replied in affirmative in regard to those islands we need. Asked if the others would be under the Security Council, Mr. Truman replied in affirmative, adding just like all of the rest of them. Correspondent asked if some islands would be under our trusteeship and some under individual trusteeship of other nations. President said some would be under individual trusteeships as well as collective trusteeship, but that policy would have to be worked out by United Nations Organization as it went along. Asked if we would have to ask UNO’s authority for our individual trusteeships, President replied affirmatively. Correspondent said that there were several Pacific islands below the Equator that were not Japanese mandated and asked if we were interested in those. President replied only in conjunction with our Allies. Asked if we had demanded any of these islands which we need, President declared we have not.

  1. Taken from Annex I of Secretary’s Staff Committee memorandum SC–192, April 11, printed in part, p. 567.