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Briefing Book Paper


8(e) Questions Bearing on Pacific Islands

the problem

In view both of the interest of this Government in certain territories conquered from the Japanese, and of the difficulties which have delayed any actual implementation of the trusteeship system, certain questions arise. Should the U.S. make a specific clarification of its intentions to to place Japanese mandated territories under trusteeship, and initiate negotiations among the states directly concerned? Which states should be so defined? Should this Government extend trusteeship to the other Japanese Islands desired for security purposes: The Bonin-Volcano Islands including Marcus Island, the Izu Islands, and the Ryukyu [Page 547] Islands? Should the U.S. insist that it be the sole administering authority over any of the captured Japanese mandates or islands concerned?


The State Department is preparing policy papers on the above problems. In some cases, clearance with other departments of the government will be required before these papers can be considered as representing official United States policy.

proposed united states position

In the event that the above questions are raised in the General Assembly, the United States should take the position that it is not prepared to discuss such questions, and they should be referred immediately to the Department.