Memorandum by Calvin J. Nichols, Executive Officer of the Office of Special Political Affairs49

Weekly Progress Report to the Undersecretary. (This memo confirms discussions with representatives of the divisions of SPA.)

In accordance with these discussions, it is planned to have SPA issue a Weekly Progress Report for the use of the Undersecretary covering the major developments in the field of United Nations affairs. The report will include major accomplishments, discussion of new problems or activities which will require policy decisions by the Department, and a brief status report of pending problems or actions.

The report will cover activities of the United States Delegation, developments in SPA, and reports from the field.

Each division of SPA will designate one person who will be responsible for reviewing regularly the activities of his division and submitting a weekly report to the SPA Information Office (Mrs. Hartley). The report will be due by noon Friday of each week.

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Mrs. Hartley will assemble the material from the divisions, from the office of the Director, from the United States Delegation, and reports from the field and will compile the final report which will be ready for submission to the Undersecretary by the close of business on Monday of the week following. Arrangements will be made to make copies of the final report available to the divisions for their information.

  1. Addressed to the Division Chiefs of SPA and to the Acting Policy Information Officer (Mrs. Hartley).
  2. Internal evidence suggests that this memorandum was written about mid-April but in any case before April 25.