Memorandum by Charles E. Bohlen, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State 44

Subject: Information to U.S. Delegation in New York

The Policy Information Service is responsible for the sending of information telegrams to Mr. Stettinius in New York. This information is equivalent to the infotels which go to the principal missions abroad. However, in regard to cases actually pending or about to appear before the Security Council, it is believed that the geographic offices should be responsible for communicating any information bearing on such cases received in the Department to the U.S. Delegation in New York. This would apply particularly to telegrams which although referred to in infotels should be repeated in full to the U.S. Delegation because of their immediate bearing upon a case before the Security Council. The Code Room can repeat any incoming message from missions abroad to New York on notification from the appropriate desk officer.

Charles E. Bohlen
  1. Addressed to the Directors of Geographic Offices—European Affairs (Matthews), Near Eastern and African Affairs (Henderson), Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent), American Republic Affairs (Briggs).