Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs ( Hiss ) to the Secretary of State

In addition to your party which, I understand, will include yourself and two others, it is recommended that the following officers be authorized to proceed to New York to assist the United States Representative on the Security Council at the meetings commencing March 25, 1946:

IS Harding Bancroft Adviser on Rules of Procedure and general substantive items.
IS Dean Rusk37 Liaison Officer for Military Staff Committee.
IS Samuel Kopper Assistant on Iranian case.
NE George Allen and Clyde Dunn38 Advisers on Iranian case.

I hope to be able to attend for perhaps the first week of the meeting to give such assistance as may be necessary in a general advisory capacity and especially to help work out and coordinate relationships between the Stettinius mission and SPA. It is also recommended that Mr. Paul Taylor accompany the above-named group as an adviser on the problems of admitting new members, with special reference to the Albanian request,39 and also to observe the operations of the Security Council and the Secretariat for purposes of assisting the work of SPA and its divisions.

The above personnel will furnish advice and technical assistance to the U.S. Representative on the Security Council and will serve in addition to the personnel permanently or temporarily assigned to Mr. Stettinius’s staff. This is according to the basic working agreement on which the Stettinius staff is founded, namely, the staff in New York will regularly be supplemented by specialists from the Department of State. In this connection two officers from the Department who already have been assigned to the Mission are:

  • Charles E. Bohlen—General political advice.
  • Joseph E. Johnson—Chief of IS, general technical advice.

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It occurs to me that you may also wish to consider asking Mr. McDermott40 to be in New York during the period that you will remain there.

It is expected that certain of the group of personnel going from the Department will return to Washington at or before the completion of the Iranian case, and experts in other fields will attend the meetings for other matters coming before the Council.

Alger Hiss
  1. Dean Rusk, Assistant Chief of the Division of International Security Affairs.
  2. George Allen was Deputy Director of the Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs; Clyde Dunn was an officer in the Division of Middle Eastern and Indian Affairs of that Office.
  3. For documentation regarding this subject, see pp. 357 ff.
  4. Michael J. McDermott, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Press Relations.