The Assistant Secretary of State (Clayton) to the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs (Soong)61

My Dear Dr. Soong: As I indicated during our recent conversation, it has occurred to us that in view of your long and intimate knowledge of Chinese-American commercial relations, it might be mutually advantageous if before you and the members of your staff leave the country there could be arranged a discussion of the proposed treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation in which appropriate officers of the Department and such members of your delegation as you would deem appropriate could participate. In view of the highly technical aspects of a treaty of this type, such a discussion might, in addition to permitting a general exchange of views, assist in clarifying a considerable number of points that might otherwise cause delay in the negotiations.

Since you probably do not have with you a copy of the draft treaty which was handed to your Government on April 2, 1945, I am enclosing a copy62 for your convenience. I also enclose a copy of the memorandum63 the text of which was handed to your Government at the same time.

Sincerely yours,

W. L. Clayton
  1. Addressed to Dr. Soong at the United Nations Conference on International Organization at San Francisco.
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