893.5034 Registration/6–445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Hurley )

855. Edwin Stanton in conversation of May 2826 with Wang Chung-hui27 at San Francisco brought up question of registration of foreign companies in China. Stanton pointed out that American firms interested in trade in and with China which have studied existing registration regulations consider regulations ambiguous and so complicated that compliance with all requirements by foreign firms would be difficult. Stanton said that since American firms now subject to Chinese laws and regulations this matter is very important to them. Satisfactory solution of problem would have direct bearing upon future Sino-American commercial relations, Stanton emphasized.

Wang expressed familiarity with problem. Said he and others of Chinese Government considered existing regulations, which were drafted 1931 and not adapted to application to foreign companies, were “inadequate”. He desires satisfactory solution of problem. Said that before leaving Chungking he made certain specific recommendations to Legislative Yuan regarding drafting of new section on foreign corporations to be added to existing registration regulations. Said he had discussed matter with Judge Helmick and intimated he had used Hel-mick’s draft suggestions for registration of foreign corporations in submitting to Legislative Yuan his recommendations.

Stanton informed Wang that since registration deadline is June 30, 1945 and since matter is still under consideration by Chinese Government AmEmbassy Chungking has been instructed to request Chinese Government to agree to simple interim registration until enactment new regulations. Stanton urged Wang do everything possible expedite matter. Wang said he realized importance of effecting early and satisfactory solution and would do all he could.

As requested in Depts 740, May 17 please keep Dept informed of any new developments.

  1. Memorandum of conversation dated May 29, not printed.
  2. Secretary-General of the Chinese Supreme National Defense Council and delegate to the United Nations Conference on International Organization.