The Chinese Ambassador ( Wei ) to the Secretary of State 4

Sir: With reference to the provision of Article I of the Agreement dated February 4, 1941, between the National Government of the Republic of China, Central Bank of China, National Resources Commission, [Page 1056] and the Export-Import Bank of Washington,5 relative to a loan of $50,000,000 to the Central Bank, to the effect that advances on account of the loan will not be made to the Central Bank subsequent to December 31, 1941, and with further reference to the provision of the Amendatory Agreements the last of which is dated June 30, 1944, I have the honor to inform you that the Chinese Government has authorized the further extension of that provision of the Agreement to June 30, 1945.

I am instructed to state that the following individuals, as representatives of the several parties to the Loan Agreement above referred to, have been invested with due authority to execute any and all documents necessary or convenient in connection with or to effect the further extension of the above mentioned provision of the Loan Agreement; namely, for the National Government of the Republic of China, Dr. Lee Kan, Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy, Washington, D. C, for the Central Bank of China, Hsi Te-mou, Representative of the Ministry of Finance in the United States, and for the National Resources Commission, Yin Kwo-yung, Chief of the New York Branch of the Foreign Trade office of the National Resources Commission. All documents executed by them under this authority will be legally valid under the laws of the Republic of China.

I shall be grateful if you will be so good as to transmit the above information to the Export-Import Bank of Washington, the Metals Reserve Company, and the United States Commercial Company.6

Accept [etc.]

Wei Tao-Ming
  1. Receipt of this note was acknowledged by the Secretary of State on January 19.
  2. Further details of this agreement are found in a note from the Chinese Ambassador, January 6, 1941, Foreign Relations, 1941, vol. v, p. 593.
  3. Copies of the Chinese Ambassador’s note were transmitted to these agencies on January 19.