893.00/8–3145: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1475. Consul Ward at Tihwa reports under date August 26 that the Tihwa-Kashgar highway has been severed at two places at Ertai, and that Ertai was taken by the rebels two weeks ago. However, General Chu Shao-liang states that Ertai was recaptured about August 22. The provincial government a week ago warned the British Consul General at Kashgar, who was to have arrived at Tihwa August 25, to defer his departure until the highway was open, possibly about the middle of September. (Sent to Department, repeated to Moscow.)

Ward reports that Okit and Tacheng continue in rebel hands. General Chu states that a few days ago the Chinese succeeded in driving away from Chenghwa a force of 300 cavalry which he believed were Outer Mongolian. General Chu was somewhat more optimistic this week than previous week, possibly because his health had improved, but according to popular report the situation is growing worse rather than better and tension remains high.