893.00/4–645: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Atcheson) to the Secretary of State

583. I have had a talk with [about?] Sinkiang with Lo Chia-lun, High Commissioner of the Control Yuan for that province who came to Chungking from Tihwa a few days ago. I told Lo our information (ReEmbs 548, March 31, 2 p.m.) and while he was cautious in his replies he stated that although the situation was not as bad as pictured by our information it was nevertheless going from bad to worse. He said he did not think that the insurgents were infesting Suilai or were operating south of Tihwa.

Lo said—and he appeared to be convinced of the correctness of his statements—that there was ample evidence that the insurgents were receiving direct concrete assistance from the Russians. He said that the Kazaks had “some” Soviet planes, that among their troops were Soviet officers in the guise of White Russians, and that Kazak cavalry soldiers were equipped with automatic rifles shooting 20 rounds.

I have known Lo for 10 years (he was formerly chancellor of Central University at Nanking) and have always had respect for his integrity. I am accordingly not prepared to disbelieve his statements in their entirety.

Repeated to Moscow.