761.93/1–1145: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

41. Consul [at] Tihwa reports following: Liu Tse-yung left Tihwa for Chungking by car January 5 (ReEmbs 1, January 2). He informed Ward before departure that while it was almost universally believed Ining insurrection incited and directed by Soviets, he finds charge difficult to believe, for in so doing Soviets would only weaken their own position. Liu said he found it difficult even to talk to local [Page 988] Soviet officials as he knew he was alone in his opinion and was speaking without authority.

Soviet Consul General expressed doubt that Liu could accomplish much due to his difficult position. He complained bitterly to Ward that Chinese lacked sincerity and were gratuitously impeding activities of Soviet officials in Tihwa.