761.93/1–245: Telegram

The Appointed Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1. Consul [at] Tihwa35 reports as follows:

According to Soviet consular officials, Tihwa–Sinkiang military situation continues to deteriorate; interruption of gasoline truck service from Horgos is forcing suspension of Hami–Alma-Ata air line.
General Chu36 reports no substantial improvement in Ining fighting; Chinese are making no attempt to retake Ining or Hsin Erhtai which is still held by insurgents; although Suiting and Huiyuan remain in Chinese hands, latter is now under attack by insurgents. Chinese defenders of Ining airfield are being supplied by parachute. Chu appears convinced insurgents at Ining are obtaining Soviet ammunition by truck from Horgos; he states agitation is continuing for “East Asia Turki republic”.
Liu Tse-yung, Minister-Counselor of Chinese Embassy, Moscow (Moscow’s 4716, December 9 to Department37), arrived Tihwa December 20 for temporary duty as Commissioner for Foreign Affairs; his predecessor, Chaucer Wu, left for Chungking same day. Liu, who since arrival has been active in attempting to effect rapprochement with local Soviets, has now been ordered to proceed urgently to Chungking.

  1. Robert S. Ward.
  2. Gen. Chu Shao-liang, Chinese Commander in Chief of the 8th War Area, with headquarters at Lanchow.
  3. Not printed.