711.93/12–2045: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in China (Robertson)

2028. For General Marshall. Following is summary and analysis of opinion on US policy toward China as reflected in State Dept. mail:

  • “1. Communications are practically unanimous in opposing US participation in the Chinese civil war.
  • 2. These communications are coming to the Dept. in large numbers.
  • 3. CIO labor unions constitute the largest group sending communications. Communist and AFL unions are also sending a large number of communications.
  • 4. The CIO and Communist communications are coming in such quantity as to suggest an organized drive. Other communications are so varied and the geographical spread is so great as to suggest that the protests represent a strong feeling among people who are acting, for the most part, spontaneously.
  • 5. In the light of this and other types of evidence, the conclusion is that the use of US troops in China is unpopular with the American people.”