Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Byrnes: I do not know exactly what is expected in the way of a “directive” for General Marshall. That point may have become clear this afternoon in your conversation with the President and the White House may itself be preparing a directive. However, I attach herewith a draft of a letter which the President might wish to give General Marshall. I have not gone into great detail and I do not think in the case of a man of General Marshall’s calibre it is advisable to do so. Neither have I outlined courses of action in the event of failure to bring about unification of the various political groups. I consider it unwise to anticipate defeat of the major objective of the mission in a letter from the President and also unwise to try to fix courses of action at this time on the basis of hypothetical developments. Therefore, I think it best to await reports from General Marshall before we endeavor to determine the alternative courses in the event of failure to achieve the principal objective.

J[ohn] C[arter] V[incent]