Memorandum by the Secretary of State to the Legal Adviser ( Hackworth )

Because I wish to exercise the greatest care in matters affecting the security of this Government, I desire you to undertake for me a continuing inquiry into certain subjects.

I desire you to determine to the best of your ability whether there is any evidence within the Department, or available to the Department, that any of the officers named by General Hurley in his recent testimony,15 or any other employees of the State Department, ever communicated to the Communist faction in China any information concerning allied military plans for landings or operations in China. I also desire you to determine to the best of your ability whether any of the officers named by General Hurley, or any others, advised the Communists in China that Ambassador Hurley’s efforts to prevent the collapse of the National Government did not represent the policy of the United States, or openly or privately advised the Communist faction to decline unification of the Chinese Communist Army with [Page 730] the Nationalist Army unless the Chinese Communists were given control.

In addition to these questions raised by the statements and testimony of Ambassador Hurley, I desire you to acquaint yourself with any information which may reach the Department from time to time concerning allegations against the personnel of the Department on the grounds of disloyalty to the Government of the United States. I am issuing instructions that information of this kind is to be brought to your attention. I desire you to consider this information, to make such independent inquiries as you may deem necessary, and to report to me as often as may be required with your recommendations for action on my part.

I am delegating to you full authority to investigate such matters on my behalf now and in the future and I am charging you with responsibility commensurate with this authority.

James F. Byrnes
  1. Before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; Investigation of Far Eastern Policy, December 5, 6, 7, and 10 (filed under 120.1/11–3045).