740.0011 PW/1–745: Telegram

The Appointed Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

21. Military Attaché’s summary for week ending 6th:

Jap activities China restricted to continued movement of supplies from north and regrouping of units into positions favorable for renewed offensive operations. Combat divisions being moved to Hengyang area and southern end of Hankow–Canton railway. Enemy positional strength now sufficient to capture remaining portion of railway by driving south from Leiyang and north from Canton. If this accomplished, Japs expected to attack Suichuan and Kanhsien, last remaining bases of 14th28 in East China. Possibility of long expected drive from Paoching on Chihkiang again indicated. Large concentration new troop reinforcements reported in Hsuchang–Yencheng area along Pinghan Railroad but future disposition uncertain.
Jap air opposition continued comparatively weak in face of repeated attacks by 14th and CACW29 on enemy air bases communications supply installations troop concentrations and air borne aircraft. Numerous reports indicate Japs constantly conscripting labor and working continuously to enlarge, improve, and repair existing airfields in occupied China, also constructing new fields as fast as possible. Enemy assumably preparing to increase air force in China for dual purpose of defense against Allied landings on coast and of support for possible renewed Jap offensive to occupy last remaining U. S. air bases in Free China.

  1. 14th U. S. Air Force.
  2. Chinese-American Composite Wing.