711.93114A/8–2945: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

4023. Foreign Office official urgently telephones following message to Commanding General (Legation’s 3986, Aug. 24), China Theater, Chungking, from Military Relief Mission, Shanghai:

“Political and military situation at Shanghai deteriorating. Request that Allied troops take over from Japanese as else civil strife feared. City was surrounded today by Communist forces who are determined to fight if forces of Central Government take over. Following Japanese withdrawals and closing of industries there are many out of work and labor unrest. As soon as facilities for additional planes can be arranged representatives of Americans, British, Dutch, [Page 540] Belgians should be sent. Request clarification of status. Can we use these men and French for policing in case of emergency.”

Official states in view ambiguity last sentence clarification (repeated Chungking) being requested.