893.00/10–1545: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Robertson) to the Secretary of State

1794. Communist representative Wang Ping-nan called at Embassy this morning; summary of information given by him as follows:

Wang Jo-fei has returned from Yenan with his wife and one small child (ReEmbtel 1787, October 12).

Governor Chang Chun of Szechuan will arrive in Chungking in a few days; upon his arrival he together with Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Shih-chieh and Shao Li-tzu (Secretary General of the PPC25a) for the Central Govt will renew conversations with Chou En-lai and Wang Jo-fei, Communist negotiators. General Chang Chih-chung, the other Govt negotiator, will not participate, as he left Chungking yesterday for Tihwa to take part in Sinkiang negotiations.

The forthcoming conversations will cover matters relating to the following three subjects: (1) The Political Consultative Council; (2) liberated areas; (3) National Assembly. It is expected that conversations will last for about 10 days. Upon conclusion of conversations Chou En-lai will carry back proposals to Yenan for decision by Yenan authorities; decision is expected to be made very promptly. Yenan will then appoint delegates who will come to Chungking to attend the Political Consultative Council which it is anticipated will be held early in November. It has been decided that General Yeh Chien-ying, Eighteenth Group Army Chief of Staff, will come to Chungking with the Communists’ delegates probably as a delegate himself and also to serve as Communist member of the subcommittee of three to discuss military questions. (End of summary.)

Communist representative this morning was definitely much more optimistic than he has previously been with respect to likelihood of an eventual agreement between Central Govt and Communists. He [Page 475] expressed great satisfaction over the recent Chefoo arrangements and also over the announcement in today’s press that Ambassador Hurley would shortly return to China.

Please bring this telegram to attention of Ambassador Hurley.

  1. People’s Political Council.