Nanking Embassy Files, Lot F–73

The Ambassador in China ( Hurley ) to Mr. Mao Tse-tung

Dear Chairman Mao: General Chou En-lai told me yesterday that if I were leaving Chungking you would like to return to Yenan before my departure. I told General Chou that I would, of course, arrange for your transportation back to Yenan at any time you desired it.

This morning I mentioned the situation to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. He told me that you are in Chungking on his invitation and that his word and his character are pledged for your security while here. He said that you need not feel it necessary to leave Chungking because I am leaving. The Generalissimo said that his Government and himself will be responsible for your safety and will provide air transportation for you to Yenan whenever you desire to go. The Generalissimo was of the opinion that it would be helpful if you would remain in Chungking until the negotiations are concluded.

I, of course, would be happy to see the negotiations satisfactorily concluded before my departure. But if they are not, I agree with the Generalissimo that it would be very helpful for you to remain in Chungking long enough to work out a satisfactory understanding between the National Government and the Chinese Communist Party. An early agreement would permit China to turn at once to peaceful reconstruction.

On leaving I wish to express my appreciation to you for the many kindnesses you have shown me and the splendid hospitality with which you have entertained me on so many occasions. I wish you the best of luck in your present negotiations.


Patrick Hurley