740.0011 P.W. /2–2545: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Atcheson ) to the Secretary of State

287. Following is summary [of Military Attaché’s85] review week ending 24th:

Enemy activity during week mainly that of consolidating, reinforcing newly won positions. Canton–Hankow Railway now entirely in Jap hands. Enemy troops from Kukong and Kanhsien effected junction thereby surrounding unknown number of Chinese troops previously defending railroad, but latter troops so reduced in number and efficiency that capture or disintegration no bearing on Chinese overall defensive position. Japs have expanded and consolidated coastal positions in Kwangsi and now hold entire area between Canton and Swatow. Enemy troop increases and improvement of communication lines in Paoching area point toward possible early drive against [Page 57] U. S. air base at Chihchiang. Chinese report small scale fighting west of Paoching.
No change in air situation. Enemy air force continues to be [impotent] and unaggressive apparently reserving operational aircraft on China [front?] in anticipation of possible U. S. landings on China coast, Formosa or Hainan.

  1. Col. Carlisle C. Dusenbury.