740.0011 PW/2–645: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

177. (1) Following is substance of interview of February 2 between French Military Attaché60 (ReEmbs 116, January 26, 3 p.m.61) and General Wedemeyer which latter has authorized me to report to State Department: Japanese are now assuming a more exacting and arrogant role in Indo-China where they are concentrating stronger forces. Should they demand that French troops disarm and disband, those who can will disperse into hills where they will continue to conduct underground and guerilla activities, but some units may be compelled to retire to Yunnan. In such event, they would urgently require medical and communications equipment. He expressed special concern over the attitude of the Chinese toward those troops who might be forced over the frontier into China and suggested that a competent member of the French mission now with General Ulatratten [Admiral Mountbatten?] be despatched to Chungking as liaison officer at American headquarters here.

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(2) Consonant with standing instructions from War and State Departments, General Wedemeyer reports he has maintained noncommittal policy vis-à-vis Indo-China. In this particular instance he states he informed French Military Attaché that situation latter described was probably well known to leaders of French and American Governments and that it would have to be dealt with by competent higher authorities. This Embassy has consistently advised the French here that policy on Indo-China must originate in Washington and Paris not in Chungking. Wedemeyer states that French are voluntarily furnishing valuable information to his headquarters and 14th Air Force and would like this to be continued.

  1. Jacques Guillermag.
  2. Not printed.