893.00/2–145: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

154. Translations of editorial attacking suggestions for coalition government, published in Yi Shih Pao (local Catholic paper, Bishop Paul Yu Pin, Managing Director) on January 27, given prominence in Daily Bulletin of China Information Committee (organ of Ministry of Information) and English service of Central News Agency. Following is summary of translations:

Recently we have heard about proposals for establishment of “coalition government” and convocation of “inter-party conference”. According to those making proposals, measures aim at self-defence and self-salvation, strengthening national unity and better coordination with Allies for victory. Such suggestions may be palatable to the curious, especially those who do not try to understand situation thoroughly or who have selfish ends, but we men of will, conscience, and reason can never agree to any such “spoils system”. Present Government is not perfect; efficiency is low; some policies are not effective. But People’s part is to help Government improve efficiency and policy. No one can guarantee that proposed coalition government will be a slightly efficient or perfect government or that interparty conference will be truly representative of People’s opinion. What difference is there between coalition régime and spoils-sharing régime? Political truce should be declared at this grave time by all parties as has been declared internally by both Axis and Allied countries. We doubt sincerity of those urging coalition government and interparty conference. Those who make loudest outcry for democracy are least democratic. At present juncture when very existence of nation at stake we should not permit any so-called inter-party solidarity to undermine national unity for a “spoil[s] system” in the interest of unscrupulous persons to be instituted under name of “coalition government”.