The Counselor of the Chinese Embassy ( Chen ) to the Chief of the Division of Chinese Affairs ( Vincent )

Dear Mr. Vincent: I am enclosing a translation of a resolution recently adopted by the Central Secretariat of the Chinese Communist Party for your private reference.42

With best regards [etc.]

C. M. Chen

The Chinese Communist Party welcomes American emissaries, extends good feelings to the United States, and accepts the demand to establish military bases in the northwest. But these activities should not be taken to mean that the Party does not continue to regard the United States as a capitalistic and imperialistic nation. On account of the fact that we inherit the orthodoxy of Marx and Engels to launch a class revolution of the policy of workers and farmers, we oppose all forms of imperialism. The policy of cooperation with the United States on the part of the Party is a temporary measure to obtain national interest and to achieve victory over Japan. This should not be taken to mean that the Party has surrendered to the United States.

  1. Copies of this communication and its enclosure were transmitted to the Ambassador in China by the Department in instruction No. 22, January 31, with the following comment: “While this ‘resolution’ has been received here with the greatest reserve, the Department believes that the Embassy will find it of interest and may wish to obtain comment thereon from one of the Embassy Secretaries, on detail to U. S. Army Headquarters, who has visited Yenan.”