740.0011 PW/1–2745: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

122. Following summary of M[ilitary] A[ttaché]’s review week ending 27th:

Jap drive in Southeast China intensified with advances made on all sectors against slight ineffective opposition. Thrust from dialing reached Chikou—12 miles from U. S. airbase at Suichuan which has been demolished. Triple drive from Taohsien reached Leiyang (Hunan) and Pingshih and Loch’eng on railroad. Advance from Chingyuan (Kwangtung) moved north along railway reaching outskirts of Kukong. Enemy now controls all of Hankow–Canton Railroad except small stretch between North Leiyang and Pingshih. In Canton area Japs drove eastward from Polo to Nienshan on Bias Bay. Enemy positions along coast further strengthened.
Fourteenth49 and CAC [CACW]50 continued effective aerial offensive despite unfavorable weather which hindered operations. Considerable destruction of locomotives [and] rolling stock reported along Pinghan and Nanking–Tientsin Railways by plane from Sian. Extensive damage to enemy shipping caused in attacks on Yangtze, Tungting Lake and [Yellow?] River areas. Enemy troop movements in Indo-China hindered by 14th operations against bridges [and] railroads. Anti-aircraft opposition all areas light to moderate; fighter opposition weak.

  1. 14th U. S. Air Force.
  2. Chinese-American Composite Wing.