740.0011 PW/1–2045: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Hurley ) to the Secretary of State

94. Following summary Military Attaché’s review for week ending 20th.

Enemy offensive operations China renewed on considerable scale and expected drive to capture remaining portion Hankow–Canton Railway apparently under way. Four thousand Jap troops moved from Chafing to Kaolung on Kiangsi border. No move yet made from Leiyang area but enemy fully reinforced and prepared; Jap elements Canton area also completed preparations. Large scale movements southward of enemy troops supplies reported on Nanning–Indochina road; operations mostly by night to avoid air attacks by 14th Air Force.
Favorable weather permitted increase in aerial operations of 14th and CACW. Effective strafing [and] bombing of communication lines resulted in comparatively large losses to enemy rail transportation and sinking [or] damaging all types river cargo vessels. Attacks against Jap airfields increased with considerable losses to enemy planes. Installations [and] shipping effectively attacked in Hong Kong [and] Shanghai–Hankow. Fourteenth continued strong support by Chinese troops Salween area dropping large quantities supplies to ground troops Wanting area.