811.91293/7–3045: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Hurley ) to the Secretary of State

1253. I have received following telegram from T. O. Thackrey, Editor and General Manager, New York Post:

“Earnestly request your aid in making possible assignment of Darrell Berrigan, Pacific Editor of New York Post, to China. War Department informs me that Chinese Government has refused to admit Berrigan to China despite acceptance as war correspondent by military commands in China, Burma, and India. Berrigan highly experienced foreign correspondent with long and excellent record in CBI.1 Reason for action of Chinese Government unknown to us. Also unable to learn here what department or official of Chinese Government [Page 1477] made ruling and on what grounds. The Post naturally regards this as arbitrary action of most serious nature which will do grave injury to press relations between United States and Chinese Government. Will deeply appreciate whatever effort you may see fit to make to obtain reconsideration of Chinese Government’s ruling. Respectfully.”

  1. China-Burma-India Theater.