125.0093/11–945: Telegram

The Acting Chief of the Division of Foreign Service Administration (Butrick) to the Secretary of State

45. Reference Shanghai’s 125, October 30, 5 p.m. transmitting my 29. According information given us by Chinese officials Chungking and since confirmed by Shanghai sources and press, Changchun is to be nerve center Manchuria with headquarters highest Chinese military, civil, economic, agricultural, railway, banking organs and Foreign Office representatives in Manchuria, and movement advance parties Chinese officials to Changchun now under way. In light these developments believe that soonest possible visit Changchun by few our officers would be highly useful even if brief and without opportunity travel elsewhere. As Chinese officials are evidently being allowed fly to Changchun and establish themselves there, entry Changchun by plane our own representatives should be less likely to meet with Soviet opposition than if entry attempted elsewhere.

We are accordingly exploring possibility arranging here for planes and necessary Chinese and Soviet clearances to fly Sturgeon, Chase and Dawson to Changchun if arrangements for entry full consular group via Dairen or elsewhere not completed meanwhile. (Believe Dawson’s inclusion very desirable [in] view his close relations important Chinese officials at Changchun some of whom have expressed desire his presence, and need for rapid survey little known Manchurian agricultural and food situation.) In view doubtful prospects success our efforts, hope Department will meanwhile continue any efforts it may be making assist our entry Manchuria via Dairen or elsewhere.

United Press despatch, dateline Tokyo November 8, reports U. S. Reparation Committee arrived Tokyo for tour Japan, Korea, Philippines, [Page 1472] Manchuria, China. If Committee actually visiting Manchuria in immediate future, Department might wish utilize opportunity endeavor arrange detail Foreign Service Officer accompany Committee there. Suggest John Service,36 Langdon, Clubb, Sturgeon or Chase as possibilities, choice to be made after Department ascertains Committee’s itinerary on leaving Japan.

Sent to Department, repeated to Chungking.

  1. Consul John Stewart Service.