123 [Josselyn, Paul R.]: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Hurley )

1330. 1. Josselyn11 assigned Consul General Shanghai and Howard12 also assigned Shanghai will leave by ATC13 on Two priority for Chungking about August 29. It is hoped they can proceed Shanghai as soon as possible where they will be available to Army for liaison and advisory assistance.

2. Dept assembling staff for Shanghai which will serve as center for opening other offices. Now planned that about 15 persons including some 5 officers with 10 auxiliaries and clerical staff will be ready leave Washington by September 10. This group will be accompanied by Butrick14 designated Dept’s special representative in charge reopening and staffing Consulates in Far East and his assistant Johansen.15 This group will carry sufficient essential supplies to commence functioning of Shanghai and other important Consulates.

3. Army authorities here tentatively state they can furnish special plane for this group as far as Karachi, but further transportation arrangements to Chungking or through to Shanghai should be cleared through Theater Commander. You are requested discuss this subject with General Wedemeyer and ascertain his views on reopening of Shanghai and other Consulates in China immediately after occupation.

4. In discussing this general subject of reopening Consulates you may wish to mention to General Wedemeyer that consular officers can assist in processing internees and other citizenship matters and handling of relief, investigation of American properties, shipping services, liaison with local authorities and other work. It may be [Page 1461] pertinent to mention General MacArthur16 has requested two Foreign Service Officers now Manila be specially detailed accompany occupation forces into Japan assist in handling American citizens. Number of American citizens in liberated China far exceeds number in Japan. Dept would appreciate any estimate which Army Headquarters can furnish of probable dates when consular staffs may enter Shanghai and other cities such as Canton, Hankow, Hong Kong, Tientsin, and Tsingtao.

5. Dept assumes Embassy Chungking will be able provide enough staff and essential supplies for opening Nanking as implied in your 1403, August 20, 9 p.m.

6. Dept assumes you will be able to ascertain Chinese Govt has no objection to reopening at present time former Consulates in China and travel preliminary thereto of Butrick and such assistants as he designates.

7. Please attempt ascertain from Swiss17 Shanghai direct if channels are now open:

Condition and availability former offices Shanghai.
Number of serviceable desks filing cabinets typewriters adding machines and safes and condition Shanghai files.
What food and other supplies should personnel bring by air, and (unless Embassy has information that Army will provide) request Swiss obtain best possible accommodations 20 persons September 15, Shanghai.

8. Dept experiencing difficulty recruiting suitable and experienced clerical personnel for Chungking and other posts in China. It understands OWI18 and other civilian agencies in China may soon be reducing operations and assumes you will canvass possibility of recruiting personnel from them for our needs.

  1. Paul R. Josselyn, Secretary in the Diplomatic Service and Consul General.
  2. Hungerford B. Howard, Vice Consul of Career and Secretary in the Diplomatic Service.
  3. Air Transport Command.
  4. Richard P. Butrick, Acting Chief, Foreign Service Administration.
  5. Beppo R. Johansen, Vice Consul of Career and Secretary in the Diplomatic Service.
  6. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of Allied Powers in Japan.
  7. Switzerland represented U.S. interests in occupied China.
  8. Office of War Information.