393.1121 McMillan, Archibald/12–2844: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Appointed Ambassador in China ( Hurley )

1712. 1. Your action in connection with McMillan case approved. (ReEmbs 2043, December 20, 2 a.m. [p.m.])

[Page 1452]

2. Upon receipt of full text of judge’s decision Department desires that you make formal written complaint to the Minister for Foreign Affairs against both the inefficiency evident in procedural matters (poor interpreting, lack of witnesses, etc.) and the unjustness of the verdict. It is also desired that you emphasize the Department’s serious concern over the administration of justice in this case, the first involving an American citizen since the abolition of extraterritorial rights. Please point out that this Government relinquished its extraterritorial rights in the confident expectation that cases involving American citizens will be handled efficiently, expeditiously and justly and also that the administration of justice by Chinese courts is bound to have a very important bearing on future relations between the United States and China.

3. Department would be interested in receiving full information concerning experimental court mentioned in paragraph 1 of reference telegram.