893.60/9–2145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Hurley)

1519. On basis instructions issued by the President40 and arrangements approved by Bureau of Budget, Embassy and Consular offices in China now existing or to be established are requested to extend all possible assistance to the American Production Mission in China in carrying out its function of aiding the Chinese Government in the reconversion of war industries to peacetime production. Such assistance will consist in obtaining office space and living quarters for the Mission, employment of local personnel, provision of office supplies and equipment, payment of travel vouchers, and other administrative services that may be requested by James A. Jacobson, Deputy to Edwin A. Locke, Personal Representative of the President in charge of Mission, or by any member of the Mission designated by Jacobson.

Detailed accounting instructions concerning payments on behalf of Mission will be forwarded soon.

Please inform Consulates under your jurisdiction.

  1. See White House press release of September 29, Department of State Bulletin, September 30, 1945, p. 497.