033.1193 Nelson, Donald M./5–3045: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

876. Work of Nelson Mission was discussed at length last night at a meeting attended by Kearney13 and Brooks,14 General Olmsted,15 representatives of NEA [FEA]16 and of the Embassy including Robertson17 just arrived. It was agreed among us that, assuming it may be possible to obtain a more effective degree of cooperation from the Chinese authorities (which will require early discussion with and positive action by the Generalissimo), it will be recommended that the Mission be retained in approximately its present form at least until a port and corridor for the supply of China have been opened. Detailed report by air follows, please inform Locke.18

  1. A. T. Kearney, ranking officer of the American Production Mission to China.
  2. E. P. Brooks, American Production Mission to China.
  3. Brig. Gen. George H. Olmsted, G–5, Civil Affairs Officer, China Theater.
  4. Foreign Economic Administration (FEA).
  5. Walter S. Robertson, Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs in China.
  6. E. A. Locke, Jr., Assistant to Donald M. Nelson.