740.00119 PW/10–3145

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in China ( Robertson )51

Urtel 1980, Oct. 31, 1945.52 Two copies enclosed in Dept’s memo March 20, 1942,52a sent to persons informing Dept of property interests likely to be affected by enemy action, etc. Dept informs such persons submission of requested information did not constitute filing of claims but would facilitate efforts to protect Am interests.

Dept informs Am citizens wishing to file claims on account property losses that they should submit sworn statements, in duplicate describing property, giving location and value, manner in which acquired, extent of any non-American interest in property; facts relating [Page 1412] to its seizure, sequestration, damage, or destruction, and in particular those showing enemy’s responsibility; and how and when owner became Am citizen. In case of corporations, asked to indicate state or country under whose laws incorporated and give list of names and nationalities all alien stockholders with respective extent of holdings as compared with total shares outstanding. Dept adds that such statements should be supported by evidence. No forms or blanks are supplied by Dept.

As most damage and loss to Am property resulting from war occurred outside US, Dept is requesting its officers in enemy territory and territory liberated from enemy to ascertain and report upon present status American-owned property and extent of war damage thereto, when owners give enough facts to make this possible.

Under Act March 27, 1942 (56 Stat. 176 [175], 15 US Code, Sec. 606b–2), War Damage Corp., subsidiary of Reconstruction Finance Corp., authorized to compensate losses subsequent to Dec. 6, 1941 and prior to July 1, 1942, in US, territories and insular possessions, Philippines, etc. Later coverage is on insurance basis. Two copies of relevant War Damage Corp. blanks also enclosed.53

Information and blanks may be transmitted to Chinese Govt.

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