393.1163/11–2745: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Josselyn) to the Secretary of State

274. Bishop Ealph A. Ward of the Methodist Mission has just returned from a month’s trip in the Yangtze Valley inspecting mission stations at Kiukiang, Anking, Wuhu, Nanking and Chinkiang, also numerous smaller places. He states that his mission properties have suffered greater damage and loss through looting since the Jap surrender because of occupation by Chinese Government troops than they did during Jap occupation. He reports great difficulty in repossessing any of these properties. He also reports that numerous mission properties are now occupied by puppet organizations who have now nominally changed their allegiance and whom the Chinese authorities will not remove. Bishop Ward’s report is borne out by statements of representatives of other missions. Ward at present has no suggestions regarding specific measures to remedy this situation. His information may, however, be useful for background since it bears out other evidence that so-called Chinese gratitude toward U. S. is largely lip service.

Sent to Department, repeated to Chungking.