393.115/11–445: Telegram

The Consul at Tientsin ( Meyer ) to the Secretary of State

14. [To Embassy:] Proclamation of Tientsin municipal government dated October 27 announces that property of Andersen, Meyer and Company, Limited, has been taken over by the “Commission of Rehabilitation for Party and Politics” and that all merchandise and/or material stored in this firm belong to the National Government. These premises formerly housed the Japanese firm “The China Milk Company”, a Kanebo subsidiary, where cold storage and milk pasteurization plant was installed.

Similarly, A. and M. Karagheusian American Corporation for overseas, likewise an American [firm?] has been unable to take over its premises due to taking over of their plant by Brigadier General Chiang Shi-yi, heading “Commission to Take Over Japanese Industrial Plants in North China”. While General Chiang Shi-yi prepared to relinquish occupation of the buildings, he intends to keep as “war booty” whatever machinery and raw materials [are] now stored there which is [Page 1403] regarded as property of Man Mon Mills, a Japanese-sponsored organization. Apparently Chinese propose to operate the Karagheusian plant themselves as they have already resumed work at two other plants previously operated by Man Mon.

At Frazar Fed. Inc. USA, approximately 35 motor vehicles of Toyoda make have been left unassembled by the Japanese together with spare parts, which Chinese Government will claim as “war booty”.

Standard Oil installation in ex-Russian Concession contains motor vehicle assembly plant with spare parts, tires and other valuable equipment. This property is now under Marine protection despite which looting [is] considerable.

Wulfsohn, American owner [of] department store, completely cleaned out by Japanese, but in newer premises leased by Wulfsohn, Chinese claim as “war booty” stocks of mineral oils and other salable goods. Majestic Theater owned by T. Koulaieff’s Sons, American registered firm, contains carbon filaments useful to and needed by firm, left by Japanese and now claimed by Chinese. Personal comments follow.

Sent to Chungking; repeated to the Department.