138—China/1240a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in China ( Robertson )

1558. Dept is informed American civilians including various representatives of business and missionary interests desiring to return to China at early date are experiencing delay because of existing Chinese visa procedure involving reference of each application to FonOff for approval before visa may be issued.

Dept desires that Embassy discuss this matter informally with FonOff. Point out that a substantial number of American civilians now desire to return to China at early date to resume normal activities, that they find the present Chinese visa procedure cumbersome and involving delay, and that Dept has already abolished similar restrictions (Dept’s circular airgram July 2436). Express hope FonOff will see fit at early date to relax existing visa procedure to permit issuance of visas to American civilians without prior reference to Chungking.

[Page 1398]

For Emb’s confidential information Dept understands Chinese Emb here has already made such a recommendation to FonOff but has had no reply.

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