740.0011 PW/1–1445: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Hurley ) to the Secretary of State

55. Military Attaché’s summary for the week ending 13th.

No large-scale fighting on any front in Central or South China; combat activity restricted to enemy foraging in Paoching, Leiyang [Page 34] areas. All preparations for indicated drive to capture remaining portion of Hankow–Canton Railway apparently being concluded—Japs have begun construction work at both ends of destroyed section, perhaps indicating prelude to military operations. Amoy, Foochow coastal areas reinforced with several thousand enemy troops assumably in anticipation of American landings. Japs evacuated positions in southwest Kwangtung north and west of Luichow Peninsula although organized Chinese resistance non-existent. Enemy recently moved 7,000 troops from Nanning through this area which embarked at Hopu, occupied previous week by 400 troops, for unknown destination. Positions utilized for this purpose then evacuated.
Unfavorable weather limited air activity, but considerable enemy aircraft, rolling stock destroyed in bombings of Hainan, Hankow, Wuchang and points on Pinghan Railroad. Increased air support to Chinese forces advancing in Salween front responsible to great degree for recent Allied successes that area.