The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

No. 2628

Sir: Referring to the Embassy’s telegram No. 864 of May 18, 1944, in regard to Chinese “thought-control” over students sent abroad for study, I have the honor to enclose a copy of my memorandum of conversation,37 dated May 26, 1944, with Dr. K. C. Wu, Political Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, regarding this subject.

Summary. Dr. Wu informed me that the Chinese Government is now engaged in changing the regulations governing superintendents of students abroad but that the ban on the sending of Chinese students abroad was not up for discussion. I informed him that I was glad to hear of the revision of the regulations which would prevent any misunderstanding in regard to regimentation and thought control and added that we consider desirable the establishment of some Chinese official agency to look after the affairs of the students and technicians in the United States in connection with administrative supervision of funds and similar matters. End of Summary.

Respectfully yours,

C. E. Gauss
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