The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

No. 2546

The Ambassador has the honor to enclose a translation of a formal note from the Foreign Minister, dated May 3, 1944,36 requesting that the Department appoint specialists in feature writing and news editing to succeed Mr. Frank Buchner, who has already departed for the United States, and Mr. Floyd Taylor, who will be leaving China in June of this year. The Foreign Minister is being informed that the request is being transmitted to the Department for appropriate action.

As stated in the Embassy’s despatches 2155, February 14, 1944,36 and 2355, March 25, 1944, the Embassy does not believe it advisable to continue the project of sending additional specialists for service with the Ministry of Information under the Department’s cultural relations program for China, and does not recommend that successors be appointed to fill the vacancies left by Mr. Buchner’s and Mr. Taylor’s departures.

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