811.42793/1669b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

458. Chinese News Service report Chungking dateline March 22 indicates that National Government will shortly appoint and station a superintendent of students in the United States and one in Great Britain. Confidential information received by the Department indicates that the prospective superintendent in the United States may be Z. Y. Kuo, described as a henchman of Chen Li-fu and fascist in attitude.

Airgram no. 57 of March 14 requests that you obtain certain information in regard to the program of the Ministry of Education for dispatch of Chinese students to the United States and that at your discretion you indicate to the Minister for Foreign Affairs that this Government would view with disfavor such political surveillance of Chinese students in this country as is described in paragraph 14 of enclosure 2 to your despatch no. 1819 of November 16.31 It is believed that the Foreign Minister will recognize the validity of our position that there need be exercised no surveillance by officials of another government over the thoughts and activities of students in this country such as is evidently contemplated by the pertinent Chinese regulations. We have been disturbed by reports that Kuomintang agents have already been exercising pressure on Chinese students in American educational institutions, and the general matter of projected Chungking regimentation of the thoughts of Chinese students in American educational institutions has already begun to receive unfavorable publicity in the United States. It is suggested that you bring this matter informally to the attention of the Minister for Foreign Affairs at an early date.

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In the event of application by any Chinese official for a visa to proceed to the United States in the capacity of superintendent of students, you should defer issuance of visa and refer the matter to the Department.